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👶Teething tips for the summer 😎☀️

Save and share this post with a new mama or dada that you know. I know there are a lot of new parents on here these days.

When my son was in those early baby teething days, I wanted something more than just the usual frozen baby toys or cold wash cloths.

I personally never liked the idea of frozen fruit in a mesh or silicone teether... too acidic and sweet for my baby to be bathing his gums and new teeth in for prolonged periods of time. Eating fruit was fine, but not teething on it (just a personal choice here).

So, here are some tips for you!

1️⃣ Frozen breast milk popsicles. Buy a mini popsicle maker small enough for a baby to hold (swipe to second photo) or I also broke off pieces of breast milk and added to a silicone teether.

2️⃣ Frozen avocado in a mesh or silicone teether. For avocado, I found mesh to work best.

3️⃣ Frozen celery! Celery contains a compound called eugenol, which acts as a numbing agent, anti-inflammatory and anti-septic. Depending on your baby’s age, you can give a celery stick to teethe on or chop it up in a mesh or silicone teether.

4️⃣ One of my top tips that I reserve for serious cases of teething includes a specific blend of botanical herbs that contain calming & numbing properties. These can be soaked in a wash cloth for easy teething! Talk to your ND about what would be safe for your little one.

There you have it! 4 sugar-free tips for teething.


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