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Is there science behind apple cider vinegar for blood sugar management?

This ONE food may help with managing your blood sugar. This is also safe to do during pregnancy to manage gestational diabetes!

Always remember that the biggest impact on your blood glucose numbers will occur when you change WHAT you’re eating, how you’re eating, manage your stress, get adequate sleep and move your body. The info here is just food for thought.😊

Oh, how I love finding research articles published on food and how it impacts our physiology. We don’t have answers to everything and this is why I love research. I especially love it when a research team produces a randomized control trial done on humans (not mice) with tangible nutritional interventions that might work for you. Always remember, what we know today could be different tomorrow and more research on this intervention is certainly warranted. Just thought I’d share some articles!

What can happen if you have chronically high blood sugar:

  • Issues with memory and attention

  • Oxidative stress/ inflammation

  • Acne or hair loss

  • Hypercholesterolemia

  • Type 2 diabetes or gestational diabetes

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • PCOS or ovulation issues

  • Metabolic Syndrome

  • Fatty liver

  • Low immunity

…the list can go on. But it is not all doom and gloom! There are effective interventions that can help with managing your blood sugar.

A 2013 pilot study found that daily consumption of vinegar with meals helped to lower fasting glucose numbers compared to the placebo control.

A 2019 RCT found that patients with diagnosed type 2 diabetes who consumed 15mL of vinegar mixed in 200mL of water (with dinner) for 3 months had a significant decrease in their HbA1c, fasting glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides and waist to hip ratio.

A 2020 RCT compared the use of metformin (a standalone hypoglycaemic drug) to metformin with 2 tbsp of vinegar per day and examined glucose parameters. A significant decrease in HbA1c and fasting glucose was found in the metformin + vinegar group, compared to the group using just metformin.

Caution: vinegar (being acidic) can disrupt the lining of you oral or esophageal mucosa. If you experience any gastrointestinal irritation, this intervention might not be for you. Apple cider vinegar may also aggravate individuals with histamine intolerance (allergies). This is why before starting any new intervention always discuss with your doctor(s) first.

Knowing where your blood sugar is at can be done through a serum (blood) test or finger prick test (seen in the photo, above). Serum insulin is another useful marker to help us understand how your pancreas is responding to manage your glucose numbers.

Talk to your healthcare team to get a comprehensive plan to manage your blood sugar so you can prevent the health concerns listed above. Prevention is where ND’s shine to help you achieve better health!


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