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5 Labs to Assess Your Fertility & What Age to Test Them

If I could only choose 5 lab tests to give you a snapshot of your fertility (with some exceptions), they would be:

1. Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) $12.80 2. Leutenizing Hormone (LH) $11.00 3. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) $21.00 4. Estradiol $28.44 5. Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) $70.00

*Bonus imaging: Antral Follicle Count (completed via ultrasound)

When it comes to fertility, having EARLY knowledge about where your fertility is at will give you the power to make informed choices and learn about your options for starting a family.

I know we’ve all heard that age is the number one predictor for egg quality and it steadily declines after age 35. In order to empower you with choices and knowing what those choices are, getting an early fertility assessment between ages 29-32 is extremely valuable.

I’ve had too many couples of all ages tell me they wish they had known about their options sooner so that they could have made different choices for starting their family. It is heartbreaking. My hope is that one day fertility assessments will be part of routine check-ups for anyone wishing to start a family.

Other tests that can be helpful: ⁃ Full Thyroid Panel $90 ⁃ Progesterone (7 days post-ovulation) $16.00 ⁃ Vitamin D $35 ⁃ Androgen Hormones (cost varies depending on the androgen being tested) ⁃ Fasting Insulin $20.68

- Ferritin $11.00

- Fasting Glucose $3.80 ⁃ Oh… so many others depending on the individual person and their presenting symptoms.

If you’re in your late 20’s or early 30’s (even if you’re not in a relationship) and you desire to one day have children, talk to your healthcare provider about getting a snapshot of where your fertility is at. Knowledge gives you the power to make informed choices!

If you reside in Ontario, Life Labs charges a "Documentation Fee"of $12 anytime to go for lab work. As you can see, if you run only the basic 5 tests listed above plus the documentation fee, this will cost $155.24.

Naturopathic Doctors, Family Doctors, etc. do not make a profit on any lab work and the cost of the above tests can change at any given time since the prices are set by Life Labs. The above prices are true as of April 22,2021. For an update on any changes to the Ontario Life Labs price list, all of the information can be found publicly at

You do not have to wait to get your fertility assessed! Talk to your ND about getting a fertility assessment if you're on a wait list to see a fertility specialist and you want to be proactive about your options. We are here to help. 💜

Click Here to book your initial appointment for a fertility assessment.


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