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Phase 2 Detoxification

Let’s talk bowel transit time and barbecue parties. Yesterday we talked about phase 1 liver detox (check it out to review) & today we’re talking all about phase 2. If you don’t like talking about poop, best to scroll past this post. 😜. In phase 2, the hormones that your body packaged up from phase 1 are eliminated. Simply put, having a healthy regular bowel movement ensures that phase 2 is working properly. If phase 2 is impaired, the hormones that your body wants to get rid of can be recirculated back into the body, through a process called enterohepatic recirculation. So, what does a photo of my friends have to do with phase 2 liver detox? Well... last time we got together at one of my friends’ camp (a camp is a cottage for people who don’t live up north 😉), corn on the cob was on the menu for dinner. One of my friends said she always has issues digesting corn. I explained that it has to do with the cellulose in the corn husk, which is indigestible in humans. I proceeded to explain that sometimes with patients, corn can be a useful biomarker to assess how long their poop is lingering in their body before the body gets rid of it. This tells us your “bowel transit time”. 🚘⏰ In other words, from the time that you eat corn to the time that you see those corn husks in the toilet, this is how fast your digestive system is working. Ideally, you would have a 12 to 24 hour bowel transit time. A healthy poop happens 1-3 times per day, but if you are pooping out poo that has been lingering in your body from 3 days ago, this is not good. ❌ Your poop can tell us so much more about your health! Is your poop dry? Runny? Green? Pellet-like? Check out the Bristol Stool Chart in my blog (link in bio) to see where your stool falls on the spectrum of healthy. Nothing is TMI with your friends, right? Well, there’s a party trick you can play at your next girls weekend. 🤪

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