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Phase 1 Detoxification

Let's talk phase 1 liver detoxification and what you can do DAILY to help your hormones. Your body undergoes a two step process to help eliminate the estrogen hormones your body doesn’t use.

☝🏼Phase 1 happens in the liver and involves conjugating (or “packaging up”) the hormones you don’t need to make them more water soluble so that they can be eliminated via urine and poop.

☝🏼Phase 1 requires certain vitamins, minerals & amino acids (like B-vitamins, selenium, I3C, DIM and the amino acid glycine) to work efficiently. This first step of estrogen metabolism can be impaired by xenoestrogens (from plastics, cosmetics, smoking or other chemicals) and alcohol.🍺🍷

Did you know that there are simple things you can do everyday to help support this process? . Introducing the CRUCIFEROUS family of veggies. 🥦 Eating cruciferous veggies provides your body with certain co-factors that help to support phase 1 liver detox. For example, when your digestive system works optimally, broccoli gets broken down into I3C and is further broken down into DIM.

Does broccoli leave you feeling bloated and gassy?

You need to have a robust digestive system and enough stomach acid and the appropriate gut bacteria for this breakdown process to take place. This is why your digestive system is a great area to focus on if you want to help support your hormonal health. . There are supplements that can help but there are also supplements that can make your symptoms WORSE! Speak with your healthcare provider about a plan that is individualized to your unique needs. Let’s get your body functioning as a well oiled machine! 👍🏼

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