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Yoga Partnership with Naturopathic Medicine in Sudbury, Ontario!

Hello Sudbury!

For those of you who have been following updates on Facebook at Dr. Cayla, Sudbury Naturopathic Doctor or through my clinic newsletter, you’ll already know about the Community Health Program (CHP) for Naturopathic Medicine located exclusively at Nickel Ridge, the interdisciplinary health clinic in new Sudbury. I established this program so that naturopathic medicine can be accessible to everyone in the city of Sudbury who wishes to embark on an active and preventative approach to their health without any financial barriers that might limit care. The CHP works on a geared to income basis where naturopathic medical visits with me are offered on a sliding scale basis. Click here to read more about the program philosophy, hours and purpose.

As an exciting new addition to the program, I have partnered with Sudbury’s inspirational yoga instructor Dawn Condon - founder of Connected Living in Sudbury, Shine OM and the creator of the Yoga for Real people series. Dawn will be sponsoring one individual in my Community Health Program to register for one of her 12-week yoga workshops. With a multitude of styles and countless health benefits, yoga truly is for everyone. This collaboration will help give someone in our city a useful tool to assist in achieving their health goals, build physical and mental strength, manage their stress and learn how to cultivate self-love through yoga.

Please read Dawn’s philosophy, here:

"For as long as I can remember, my family has volunteered in the community in some way or another, so giving back is in my DNA.

I joined the Rotarians recently and have been a volunteer at the YMCA for over 20 years. In between, I have offered my services, time, and money to various charities in the Sudbury area. I have always believed we are stronger together and we don’t do this alone.

Not that long ago, my life was spiraling out of control. I was fortunate enough to surround myself with a great team of healers. A wonderful and kind naturopath along with my yoga teachers and several other therapists. Together we created a treatment plan that brought me back from the brink.

But it was my yoga practice that saved me in more ways than one.

When my body was inflamed, it was the tender movement that cooled the fire. When my sole was despairing, yoga soothed my heavy heart. When my anxiety was highest, yoga created a still place to land.

It is from that place that I am honoured to offer a spot in a yoga class to one of Dr. Cayla’s patients in her Community Health program. If Dr. Cayla believes that yoga would be a beneficial part of the treatment plan for you, I have a mat waiting for you at Connected Living.

Our community is an important part of the healing process. Come and join a tribe of caring and supportive healers."

Please click here to book an appointment with Dr. Cayla at Nickel Ridge and click here to learn more about Dawn Condon’s programs in Sudbury.

Have a wonderful week Sudbury!

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