Upcoming Events

  • Virtual Birth Prep & Prenatal Yoga Workshop
    Tue., May 18
    Virtual Birth Prep & Prenatal Yoga Workshop
    Learn about what to expect during labour, how to prepare your body for delivery, safe comfort/pain relieving options that your birth partner can assist you with... and so much more!
  • Fertility Workshop
    Wed., Oct. 24
    1177 Barry Downe Rd
    Fertility Workshop October 24, 2018 Are you and your partner ready to start a family? Thinking of conceiving? Have you tried to conceive? Perhaps you are struggling on your fertility journey? ​ This workshop will focus on the latest strategies that can help to optimize your fertility.
  • Ketogenic Diet Workshop
    Sat., Sep. 22
    Nickel Ridge Physiotherapy
    With all the hype over the ketogenic diet, this 7 day workshop will walk you through a healthy step by step approach to the plan. With an opening and closing seminar, you will be guided throughout the entire process in a way that looks at "keto" from a balanced health perspective.