Suicide is Not the Answer: Where to Get Help Online

If you’re feeling like your pain will not go away and it may be time to end it all -- don’t.

There are things you should know first.

Suicidal thoughts are your mind’s way of playing with the idea of never being well or happy again, an impulse to deal with your sadness. But this impulse is only one of your mind’s processes and it’s not a coping mechanism or a release. More importantly, it’s not permanent. It’s a lie. These feelings will pass and you will feel better. You can get better; you can be without pain, and you can have hope for a better tomorrow. Give yourself that chance.

You also need to know that most people who attempt suicide fail -- and are glad that they failed. They were caught up in a moment -- typically made worse by depression or alcohol -- that seemed impossible. They were desperate to make it stop rather than allowing themselves time to get through it.

If you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, you can get treated and get your life back on track. If you have depression, the same is true. Whether you’re unemployed, getting a divorce, in debt or whatever, your current state is not forever and you can have hope that it gets better. It does get better.

The next thing you need to know is that you are not alone. In Canada today, approximately 22 people will commit suicide and 210 others will attempt it. No matter how depressed you are or how desperate you feel, others have been where you are and made it through. You can, too. You can feel better and have a good life. It’s not too late. As long as you’re alive, you’re capable of feeling pain and eventually, joy, peace and happiness. No pain is forever and nothing is impossible. You can do this.

But how can you tell if you really need help? Many people think of committing suicide, as a way out of their current pain, without following through. How do you know if you’re past thinking and actually in danger of doing? One way to tell is whether you’ve got a plan. You need to tell someone and find help.

Have you felt this way before? What helped you to deal with those feelings? Are they still available to you? If so, go to them and see if they can help you again. If not, find someone who can. And don’t stop until someone does. Here are some online resources that can help or you can call 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

There are many organizations to help you to get past this current state of feeling like you can’t go on. If you don’t think you have a person or place to go for help, whether a family member or friend or local church, then seek help from a professional, either in person or online. They’re waiting to help you make sense of this and come back from the edge. You do have something to live for and someone who loves you.

So, what’s next? First, agree to do nothing until you get help. Do not attempt suicide. Do not give in to the desperation that will most surely pass. Give yourself time to work on a solution to your current problems and feel hope again.

Second, get help. Tell someone and seek assistance. Do not let yourself be alone.

Third, remove any drugs or alcohol from your home and get rid of any tools you were thinking of using (weapons, pills, etc.). Then, go outside and get some sun. Exercise or visit a local animal shelter for some unconditional love from a puppy or kitten. Do whatever you can to get yourself out of your current mood of helplessness and find a way to make it through today safely.

You can work on your plan tomorrow to make things better.

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